Jack & Hannah

Getting on the property ladder at Graven Hill

First time buyers Jack and Hannah were priced out of buying a house in their area – self-build was the only way the couple could afford to get on the housing ladder and the choice of plots available on Graven Hill made this possible.

Not only did Jack design the house himself, he also built it himself. The cleverly chosen materials and processes meant that Jack could do it himself – and as a resourceful scavenger, he was able to source materials that would otherwise have ended up in landfill.  Ultimately, this saved them a fortune on labour and generated immediate equity in their house.

Jack embraces the Graven Hill community spirit and worked closely with his neighbours to achieve his dream house.

Catch Jack & Hannah in Episode 2 of Grand Designs: The Street
Original episode air date: Thursday 11 April 2019

Catch up on Jack & Hannah’s episode

The details

How many bedrooms/bathrooms?

Number of bedrooms: 3
Number of bathrooms: 3

How long did it take?

Building started in July 2016 and was completed in December 2017

How much was the final build cost?



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Jack & Hannah's Home

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“Graven Hill is the UK’s boldest experiment ever in self-build and custom build, enabling individuals to design inspiring homes on pre-prepared plots, limited only by their imagination and their budget.”

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