Graven Hill is not a large, homogenous site – it is full of different areas and environments that suit a variety of homes and lifestyles.

The Design Code brings these areas to life with a summary of the character areas of the site.

It gives a detailed summary of the design rules for the 11 character areas of the site, helping you understand the level of design freedom available in each part of Graven Hill and what we expect each area and its homes to look like. The Design Code also supports and protects everything that is special about Graven Hill’s green open spaces and lively village facilities.

  • Gateway Park

    Located at the entrance to the village, this area is home to a wetland park with swales, ponds and wet meadows where wildlife can flourish.

    Timber boardwalks will create interesting walking routes while protecting habitats and creating ideal spots for wildlife watching.

  • Village Centre

    The Village Centre is the main community hub of the development.
    Graven Hill sees this area as an urban style space with two large village greens for community use.

    This area will have restricted levels of design but Graven Hill expects this area to have architectural vibrancy through a number of proposed leeway plots that will remain free from design constraints.

  • Tree-lined Boulevard

    This area will be characterised by its formal avenue of trees, terraced homes and designated cycleways.

    It will feel less formal than the Village Centre and offers greater levels of design freedom. Minimum building heights and façade positions are restricted, but rules regarding the materials and boundary treatments used have been removed to create character and subtle variations in building design.

  • Community Streets

    Graven Hill’s vision for Community Streets is a much quieter, family-orientated environment with a varied street scene creating a vibrant and easy-going feel.

    With medium density, predominantly detached housing, this area will be characterised by reduced highway widths, high design freedom and lower traffic flows.

  • Urban Lanes

    These areas will be characterised by narrower streets, shared surfaces and mews-like homes.

    Urban Lanes are intended to be pedestrian friendly zones that will encourage interactions between neighbours and provide a safe space for children to play.

    Homes in these zones will have high levels of design freedom. Creative experimentation will be encouraged to achieve an informal but exciting area to live in.

  • Circular Railway

    This area will be characterised by features of the existing railway that is being transformed into a unique footpath that celebrates the site’s rich military heritage.

    Corten steel will be embedded into the paths in the urban areas of the site and used to create elevated walkways in the more rural areas. Sections of existing track will also be left in-situ.

  • Swale Parks

    The Swale Parks form several wetland corridors that will be located from the base of the central wooded hill to the meadows on the outskirts of the village, creating green buffers between the different areas.

    The parks provide a valuable habitat resource for local wildlife, but also create outdoor spaces for the community to enjoy.

    The network of swales and attenuation ponds also play an important role in the sustainable urban drainage of the site.

  • Rural Lanes

    Homes in this area will adopt a rural tone that blends into the extensive landscaping surrounding Graven Hill.

    These Rural Lanes will be accessible by a single, shared road bordered by long grass and wildflower verges.

    Although homes in Rural Lanes have a low design freedom in order to minimise impact on surrounding views, plot purchasers can choose the size and shape of their home.

  • Meadows

    The meadow spaces around the Graven Hill Village will provide an impressive rural backdrop to the development.

    These areas will be made up of the existing pastoral farmland, mainly found on the upper slopes of the central hillside and to the north-west corner of the site.

    Existing military features will be left in place wherever possible to help root the development to its historical context and to add interest along walking routes.

  • Woods

    The existing woodland is largely located on the top of the hill, with smaller pockets located around the base of the hillside.

    In keeping with the surrounding countryside, newer areas of woodland will be added throughout the village.

    The various areas of woodlands will incorporate recreational routes and play areas as well as create new habitats for wildlife and fruit trees.

  • Allotments

    The allotment area will be an informal social and recreational space where people can get ‘stuck in’. The allotments will be a continuously changing environment shaped by the community.

    There are also plans for a community orchard. It will provide produce that can be harvested and sold by local groups, as well as a green haven, and Graven Hill hope this space will also be used for local festivities and more traditional activities such as orchard wassailing.

Download the design code
Read the full Graven Hill design code in its entirety.
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