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Jack & Hannah

Priced out of the housing market, self-build is the only way Jack and Hannah can afford to get on the housing ladder. Graven Hill presents them with more options than they could have ever imagined.

Jack, a quantity surveyor, and Hannah, a primary school teacher, have moved to Bicester to live with Jack’s mum to save money whilst they build at Graven Hill. Moving from a compact house on a new-build estate, this pair are searching for a home full of personality. Inspired by their new surroundings, they are designing their home around their rural dream.
Having been priced out of buying in their area, self-build is the only way the couple can afford to get on the housing ladder and the choice of plots available on Graven Hill made this possible.

Not only has Jack designed the house himself, he plans to build it himself. They’ve cleverly chosen materials and processes that Jack can do himself – and as a resourceful scavenger, he’s able to source materials that would otherwise end up in landfill.

It will be hard work, but ultimately will save them a fortune on labour. However, it will also create a huge demand on Jack’s time and energy. What could possibly go wrong?

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James wants a house that will reflect his personality, where he can grow his own vegetable garden, keep his chickens and live “the good life”. Graven Hill provides the key to his dreams.

James and his partner currently live in a house on a new-build estate in the Midlands. Despite this suburban environment, they keep chickens and aspire to live ‘the good life’. Their dream design also reflects this passion and is inspired by local agricultural steel-framed barns.

James, a quantity surveyor, hopes to build a house that will reflect his personality, where he can grow his own vegetable garden and eventually raise a family.

However, self-build is not always easy, even at Graven Hill. As the build progresses the pressure begins to mount: James’ partner leaves him, his job is demanding, and he is no longer able to give the build the attention it needs, forcing him to pay more for labour. Constructing this great house, on his own could do more than just put a roof over his head: It could have the potential to rebuild his shaken self-esteem.

Catch Jack, Hannah and James on Grand Designs: The Street on Thursday 11 April, 9pm, on Channel 4.

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The details

Check Jack and Hannah’s Pioneer page after the episode airs to find out more about their build.

The details

Check James’ Pioneer page after the episode airs to find out more about his build.

“It’s something really special, you know there’s nothing like this anywhere else in the country and I feel very lucky to be part of it.”