Self-Build warranty

The Self-Build warranty at Graven Hill provides insurance for 10 years against:

  • The risk of major damage to the structure of the home
  • Making good any defect in the design, workmanship, materials or components in the newly installed drainage system in connection with the home
  • Danger to health and safety caused by a defect in chimney or flues

Where you use a builder to construct your home for you, it’s the builder who is responsible for rectifying any insured defects in the first 12 months of your policy. For more details, see your policy document.

Custom Build New Home warranty

The 10-year structural warranty for Custom Build New Homes at Graven Hill covers you for:

  • Insolvency of the developer during the construction period
  • Years 1 & 2 (Defects Insurance Period) – remedying valid defects and damage to the home if the builder refuses to do so, or has gone into insolvency
  • Years 3 to 10 (Structural Insurance Period) – the risk of major damage to the structure of the home, a danger to health and safety from a defect in chimneys or flues, remediation of contaminated land, and dangers arising from breaches of Building Regulations

For more details see your policy document.

Peace of mind during and after your project

As well as a structural warranty, you also receive:
  • A building control technical audit of your house and all site inspections
  • Building control completion certificate and stage completion certifications for your mortgage provider


Additional benefits

Through the warranty you will also have access to:
  • Technical support for you and your contractors to help you meet all the relevant building standards
  • Quality driven inspections from the building control and warranty surveyors, with a minimum of five inspections during the following construction stages: foundations, superstructure, roof pre-felt and batten, pre-plaster, completion
  • Product and systems approval process for new, innovative construction methods