About Grand Designs: The Streets

Graven Hill welcomes back presenter Kevin McCloud for the third Grand Designs series following the residents of our first-of-its-kind site through the highs and lows of building their own homes.

While the first series tracked our first 10 pioneer self-builders who broke ground at Graven Hill, the second and third series captures the spirit of community characterised by impressive self-build streets.

Showcasing how Graven Hill continues to attract self-builders from all walks of life and how far the development has come since the first series.

Catch up on the programme here

Grand Designs - The Street - All Pioneers & Kevin McCloud

About Grand Designs: The Street

Grand Designs: The Street focuses on Graven Hill and followed the first 10 ground-breaking pioneers as they built their very individual homes to form a street, and ultimately a community, like no other in Britain.

The series explored how self-build can be for everyone – whether you are retiring, a first-time buyer, upsizing or downsizing.  Kevin McCloud, the series presenter, celebrates the creativity and design freedom the self-builders have, the forward-thinking planning process available and explores the challenges and community spirit when self-building.

Grand Designs: The Street also showed viewers the options they have when it comes to self-build, and that the process is far more accessible than they may think. The diverse range of homes on the street inspired others to consider building their own grand design or custom home at Graven Hill.

The series was first broadcast on Thursday 4 April 2019 on Channel 4.

Catch up on the programme here

Graven Hill is the UK’s largest self-build and custom build community.  

The first-of-its-kind site is based in Bicester and will house up to 1,900 beautiful and unique homes which are due to be built over the next 10 years.

The development is set to revolutionise the way in which properties are designed and built by offering a flexible alternative to the usual routes.

The plots will be surrounded by open, green spaces including woodland, allotments and a network of cycle and footpaths connecting to the town centre and local transport links, including one-hour train services to London.

The village will also have a primary school and retail space. Graven Hill prides itself on making dream homes that are out of the ordinary, a reality for many.  

Meet the Pioneers

Follow our Pioneers with us on their journey with Grand Designs: The Street.

Terry & Olwen

Terry & Olwen - Grand Designs - Plot 1

Terry and Olwen, the oldest couple on the street, have built a future-proofed 3-bed home set up for their retirement.

As featured on Episode 1
Read Terry & Olwen’s full story


Plot 2 - Lynn - Grand Designs - Official_web

Lynn’s unique home is completely different from her previous residence.

As featured on Episode 1
Read Lynn’s full story

Jack & Hannah

Jack & Hannah - Grand Designs official_web

Making the most of Jack’s existing skillset to save money, Jack has DIY-ed a lot of this project himself.

As featured on Episode 2
Read Jack & Hannah’s full story


Plot 5 - James - Grand Designs official_web

Dreaming of countryside living, James hopes his new home will make the most of his surroundings.

As featured on Episode 2
Read James’ full story

Paul & Blanka

Priced out of the Oxford rental market, Paul and Blanka have built one of the most sustainable homes on the street.

As featured on Episode 3
Read Paul & Blanka’s full story

Peter & Anita

Plot 8 - Peter & Anita - Grand Designs official_web

Unable to afford a house in the local market, Peter and Anita took the opportunity to build their dream home.

As featured on Episode 4
Read Peter & Anita’s full story

Chris & Roxie

Chris & Roxie - Grand Designs Official - Plot 3

Chris and Roxie lived with parents while saving for their innovative ‘flat pack’ home.

As featured on Episode 4
Read Chris & Roxie’s full story

Sean & Diana

Plot 7 - Sean & Dianna - Grand Designs official_web

Moving from a small apartment, Sean and Diana are working towards an open-plan, ‘upside-down’ house.

As featured on Episode 5
Read Sean & Diana’s full story

Garrie & Sue

Plot 10 - Garrie & Sue - Grand Designs official_web

A high-tech home built to improve day-to-day life for Sue, who has osteoporosis.

As featured on Episode 5
Read Garrie & Sue’s full story

Pauline & Godfrey

Plot 9 - Pauline & Godfrey - Grand Designs official_web

Downsizing from a larger suburban house, Pauline and Godfrey opted for a single-storey modular home.

As featured on Episode 6
Read Pauline & Godfrey’s full story

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“Graven Hill offers a lot of things, but the simple fact it provides availability is just a quantum-leap forward in terms of housing in this country.”

Paul Troop, Pioneer resident

“This is a dream come true for us. Having looked at other places, Graven Hill is like having everything on a plate. Fantastic!”

Terry Brown-Waite, Pioneer resident

“I didn’t realise there was the opportunity to actually do something like this. What came from a need to do something different grew into a real possibility!”

Lynn Pratt, Pioneer resident

“It’s something really special, you know there’s nothing like this anywhere else in the country and I feel very lucky to be part of it.”

James Homer, Pioneer resident

“I hope that in five years’ time, it has become a thriving, happy community which provides inspiration for generations to come.”

Chris Haines, Pioneer resident

“[Graven Hill is] the perfect place to build a home as we were able to incorporate what was most important to us. The opportunity at Graven Hill was far and above any other option we had.”

Garrie Smith, Pioneer resident

“If you want to be part of a nice community and you want to self-build then Graven Hill is an easy way to get onto that ladder.”