To help you with this critical part of the process, all Self-Build plots at Graven Hill come with their own unique Plot Passport.

Simplified planning permission

Each plot’s specific Plot Passport sets out the parameters and information for your build.

The rules and guidelines in your Plot Passport simplifies the planning process.

Remember, you do not need planning permission for our Custom Build New Homes.

Download a sample Plot Passport
Take a look at what's included in a typical Graven Hill Plot Passport
Download plot passport

Your Plot Passport contains:

  • A summary of the main features of your self-build plot
  • A plan and key to assist your designers with the production of initial sketch proposals
  • Information on the rules associated with a particular plot
  • Information on the range of external finishes and roofing options available in your character area
  • Information on the performance and sustainability requirements
  • Information on the ground conditions
  • Information about the services provided (electricity, gas, water, telecoms and drainage)
  • The main features of the latent defect policies
  • Details on what the drawing submission should include

“The Plot Passport means an architect can really hit the ground running. This is completely different to conventional projects where you are coming in to the design stage from a standing start and building the picture up entirely from scratch. It means the concept design can be formed quickly.”

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It’s our preference – and a condition of buying a plot here – that your home is designed in line with the Local Development Order and the requirements set out in the Plot Passport.

However, if you wish to pursue a design proposal which does not fully comply with these requirements, such as adjusting the position of width of the access into your plot, then, subject to our prior approval of the proposal, you can submit a ‘reserved matters’ application to Cherwell District Council at an additional cost.

The standard planning approval process does take much longer and the council obviously takes into account the Graven Hill design code and terms of the site’s outline planning consent when looking at any reserved matters application, so please be aware that this is a harder and more costly route to planning consent.