Enhancing the landscape

At Graven Hill, the existing abundance of rich greenery is being protected, and new recreational parks being made for the enjoyment of residents and visitors.

In addition to the 188 hectare Graven Hill site, we’re adding 22 hectares of grassland and 1.9 kilometres of hedgerows to create a healthy environment for wildlife and for everyone to enjoy.

Graven Hill Cycleways

Sustainable development

To create a great place for people to live, we want to protect and enhance the environment while working here.

That’s why we’ve created tree protection zones to stop damage to trees during the construction phase, and all timber on site is FSC certified, meaning it has been sourced responsibly.

So far, we have saved 68.2 tonnes of carbon by sourcing tarmac from a local plant and 3.04 tonnes of carbon from recycling 2000 tonnes of aggregate on site. We’ve recycled over 1701 tonnes of waste which is 90% of all waste created on site.

We’ve also created a newt fence around the boundary of the site that keeps Great Crested Newts out of the construction area, stopping them being harmed during any works.

Protecting local wildlife

There are more than 50 species of birds present at Graven Hill including the highly protected Peregrine Falcon, Barn Owl and Red Kite.

You’ll also be able to spot badgers, deer, grass snakes, great crested newts and bats in the various woodland, field and wetland habitats around the site.

We believe that the open spaces at Graven Hill, and the wildlife that also call them home, are as important to the character of the site as the buildings themselves.

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