Sean & Diana

Sean and Diana moved from Leamington Spa to build their new home.

Sean and Diana are both automotive engineers and by applying their methodical minds to their build, they opted for a minimalist, open-plan ‘upside-down’ home with the living and dining space on the first floor. The build will mean the couple will be able to look out over the Graven Hill landscape from their home.

They also demonstrated that planning ahead means they have future proofed their home, allowing them to expand the living areas and increase the number of bedrooms as required.

To save time, the house was accurately built off-site before being brought together and assembled on their plot. However, their build took an unexpected turn when Diana accepted a job in Russia.

The couple both agree that their build has been “challenging and rewarding” but feel that the collective spirit of being part of a group of Graven Hill builders helped get them through.

Catch Sean & Diana in Episode 5 of Grand Designs: The Street
Original episode air date: Thursday 2 May 2019

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The details

How many bedrooms/bathrooms?

Number of bedrooms: 3
Number of bathrooms: 2

How long did it take?

Building started in November 2018 and is yet to be completed

How much was the final build cost?

Estimated to be around £300,000

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Sean & Diana's Home

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“Graven Hill is the UK’s boldest experiment ever in self-build and custom build, enabling individuals to design inspiring homes on pre-prepared plots, limited only by their imagination and their budget.”

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