Catch Lynn in Episode 1 of Grand Designs: The Street
Original episode air date: Thursday 4 April 2019

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Moving from her traditional 250-year-old cottage, Lynn has begun to build a modern, spacious, open-plan home – a stark contrast to her previous residence.

With little building experience, Lynn has benefited from help from her neighbours, Terry and Olwen.

Lynn faces problems during her build as there are serious issues with her underfloor heating and her roof. She also falls out with neighbours Terry and Olwen. With the help and support of Graven Hill and Kevin McCloud, Lynn comes through it all and finally we see her finished house.

Despite all the issues Lynn faced she’s delighted with the individuality of her home and says she’d “definitely do it again”. With ground level, polished concrete floors and the upstairs adopting an Oast house-inspired roundel extending from the roof, her dream home is truly one-of-a-kind.

The details

How many bedrooms/bathrooms?

Number of bedrooms: 2
Number of bathrooms: 3

How long did it take?

Building started in April 2017 but the build is yet to be completed.

How much is the final build cost?

Expected to be around £400,000


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Lynn's Home

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“I didn’t realise there was the opportunity to actually do something like this. What came from a need to do something different grew into a real possibility!”

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