Custom Build_The Meadow Living RoomCombining the flexibility of a self-build and the simplicity of a new build, custom building allows homeowners to play a key part in designing their own space.

Leaving the construction work to the professionals, buyers have the option to make important decisions on the finish, and sometimes even the layout, of their new home. At Graven Hill, we offer a true custom build experience for early buyers, but what exactly does this mean?

Getting in early

Reserving your property off-plan gives you even more creative control over your home. Maybe you’ve always dreamt of a south facing kitchen? Well, a true custom build can make that dream a reality.

In order to keep the cogs turning in our community, our building contractors work to a tight schedule. However, for buyers that reserve their property six to nine months before completion, there is an extra element of flexibility when it comes to designing your new space.Blog_Unpacking a true custom build home

Choosing a bespoke layout

Although all of our custom build homes are built to a high-quality specification, early buyers have the option of tailoring the layout of their home to suit their family’s needs.

So, if you’re looking to create a truly unique and personal space, registering for the property as soon as possible is the first step.

Our handy plot finder can easily help you to find your perfect home.

Injecting personality

For those purchasing a new home further down the line, it’s not too late to add a splash of personality. All of our custom build homes come with the luxury of selecting your fixtures, finishes, and decor at a later stage in the build process.Custom Build_The Swale Kitchen

We understand that a home is one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make, so we want to ensure that it is just right for you. Rather than settling for a cookie-cutter property, custom building is a unique way of putting a personal stamp on your forever home.

If you’re sold on the custom build dream, the Graven Hill team are available to contact and a free ‘face-to-face’ video consultation can be requested online. 

In the meantime, why not explore the community with our virtual tour. Surrounded by historic woodlands and situated a stone’s throw away from great public transport links, you’ll get a feel for what Graven Hill has to offer.