Build your perfect Dan-Wood house at Graven Hill

Combine the advantages of building on Graven Hill’s ready-made site with a stylish, energy-efficient, timber-frame Dan-Wood house.

Dan-Wood houses are all ‘prefabricated’, which means that every component is designed and built in their factory in Poland. Once built, the house is then shipped to the UK and delivered to a plot on an appointed day.

Supplier Spotlight - Dan-Wood

Their fixed price and turn-key process includes the manufacture and construction of standard house styles, including interior decoration and much, much more. A ventilation system is also included as standard and the house construction provides exceptional thermal efficiency, ensuring comfortable, cost-effective and energy-efficient living.

A 3-bedroom Dan-Wood show house will be available for viewing on the Graven Hill site from June.  It’s based on a standard Park 182E design and has been extended and modified to suit the plot and meet the planning requirements.

Supplier Spotlight - Dan-Wood-2

Dan-Wood offers a choice of 50 house designs (10 of which have been specially designed for Graven Hill plots), available as bungalows, 1½-storey or 2-storey detached homes, many of which can be modified to suit individual requirements, and all with a 20-year structural guarantee.

Get in touch with Lucy Yendall for more details on building your perfect Dan-Wood house at Graven Hill. Email [email protected] or phone 07903 406926.

For more information about Dan-Wood at Graven Hill, visit the Dan-Wood website or check out their listing on our Trade Directory.