Setting the standard: Redefining home

The UK currently faces a housing problem with not enough homes for future generations. However, we know the challenge is so much bigger.

July 2020 - Hillside homes and meadow

There is a need to reimagine public spaces at the heart of every community. Sustainable placemaking is essential to ensuring houses turn to homes and inspire people to put down roots. That’s why we’re committed to a people-centred approach to the planning, design, and management of Graven Hill.

More than fulfilling a quota

Just as a house doesn’t automatically become a home when it’s finished, housing developments don’t always connect people and places together. It takes planning and consideration. At Graven Hill, we always keep two things in mind.

Firstly, homes should be built in places people want to live. Before Graven Hill was born, we carefully considered each element of our ecosystem, how our community was going to interact with the space, and put people’s needs at the heart of the development. By limiting restrictions on self-build designs, Graven Hill has an aestheticism unlike any other. To ensure our site was the best place to grow, we wanted to promote homes where people could get creative and develop a strong sense of community. To us, Graven Hill goes beyond filling housing quotas.

Secondly, houses need to be flexible to people’s ever-changing needs. The pandemic has highlighted different needs in people so giving them the necessary flexibility to adapt with the times will make it all the more appealing. As a custom and self-building site, Graven Hill, offers this flexibility by allowing customisation of layouts and fixtures.

The importance of having access to green space has also been emphasised in the past year. We pride ourselves on our close connection with nature and wanted to capitalise on this to create a community that promotes people’s health, happiness and wellbeing.

A green tomorrow

July 2020 - Gateway Park-1

With climate change becoming increasingly noticeable, sustainable placemaking develops a double meaning. Keeping the natural environment in mind when building is essential. We want to set the standard for all councils and developers, demonstrating the need to prioritise sustainability and invest in the ecological future of an area. From building community allotments and boardwalks to establishing character areas on site, sustainability has been a top priority from the start.

No longer a luxury, placemaking is now an important aspect to consider when designing, building, and maintaining housing developments of the future. With an unrivalled sense of community, and sustainable and considerate designs, we want to create homes which meet people’s real needs.

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