NaCSBA welcomes the new National Planning Policy Framework

NaCSBA Chair - Michael Holmes
NaCSBA Chair – Michael Holmes

Michael Holmes, Chair of the National Custom and Self Build Association (NaCSBA) welcomed the increasing recognition of the role of Custom and Self-Build in delivering more, and better, homes faster, within the updated National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) for England, which was published on 24 July 2018.

“The updated NPPF now fully recognises the Custom Build sector, in addition to Self Build. Furthermore, it is clear that the needs of those wishing to commission or build their own home must be assessed and reflected in planning policies.”

“In addition, the NPPF reminds English planning authorities of their statutory obligations to maintain a register of those seeking to acquire serviced plots and to deliver enough suitable development permissions to meet identified demand, as set out in the Right to Build legislation.”

“The NPPF provides further support for the development of smaller sites as well as encouraging councils and developers to sub-divide larger plots to help speed up the delivery of new homes.”

“We continue to strongly encourage groups and individuals wanting the freedom, choice and value that comes with a Custom- or Self-built home to join their local registers by signing up via the Right to Build Portal.”

NaCSBA will produce a more detailed analysis of the NPPF together with a planning guide for Custom and Self Build homes under the updated NPPF in due course.

NaCSBA is pleased with the outcome of the NPPF as, having worked with the Right to Build Task Force, it lobbied Government to ensure that Custom and Self Build is represented in the new planning framework. This recognition in the NPPF will support its work in growing the number of people signed up to their local Right to Build registers, which is pivotal as they ensure a minimum level of permissioned serviced plots.

The Right to Build places a duty on English local authorities to grant sufficient development permissions for serviced building plots to meet the demand evidenced on their registers on a rolling three-year basis, as set out in the Right to Build legislation.

By the end of the first full year base period NaCSBA’s research revealed that 33,000* individuals had signed up to express their interest in buying a plot.

To capitalise on this, it is now vital that individuals who want to build or commission their own home sign up on their local council’s Right to Build Register at to ensure plots are widely available where people want to live.

*NaCSBA issued a Freedom of Information request to all English Local Authorities on 1 November 2017 requesting the numbers of people and groups of people on their registers. It found that 33,000 had now signed up to the registers. This was based on the data supplied by more than three quarters of the authorities who responded. The remaining results were extrapolated based on the average of the responses received.

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About NaCSBA

The National Custom and Self-Build Association (NaCSBA) is the voice for the Custom and Self-build industry across the UK. Its mission is to substantially increase the number of people able to build or commission their own home. NaCSBA estimates that over 13,000 Custom and Self-build homes were built last year, but it shares the Government’s ambition to deliver 20,000 homes by 2020.

The Self Build Portal is NaCSBA’s consumer website, offering help, information and advice to anyone interested in creating their own home through Custom Build, Self-Build or community-led housing.

Right to Build Task Force:

The Right to Build Task Force was launched in Feb 2017 with the aim of helping at least 80 Local Authorities, community groups and other organisations across the UK deliver significantly more affordable Custom and Self-build housing projects. A NaCSBA initiative endorsed by the Government in its White Paper Fixing our broken housing market, the Task Force has received funding from the Nationwide Foundation, which aims to increase the availability of decent affordable homes for people in housing need.

With its emphasis on scale and housing affordability, the Task Force offers subsidised support for local authorities and community groups, to enable them to identify the best way to meet the demand on their Right to Build registers, as well as market-rate advice to a range of stakeholders. Find out more about the Task Force at the Right to Build Toolkit at

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