Moving home is a big thing – let’s not beat around the bush. But it shouldn’t be the most stressful thing you ever do.

There are so many myths about moving home, and they often take over in our minds. What if this, what if that; we invent so many potential issues and scenarios in our own minds, it’s exhausting.

So, before you jump into your house move checklist, let’s look at some of the biggest moving home myths, so you can banish them from your mind!

A DIY approach is cheaper

This is a very common myth.

Moving home can seem like the sort of task you should be able to undertake yourself – including the physical process of moving all of your belongings from one place to another.

Why not do this yourself? It’ll save some money, right?

As true as that might be, moving all of your worldly belongings from your old home into your new one is a colossal job best undertaken by experts. Sure, it’ll cost you, but that’s an investment in your own sanity and physical health.

Always move on a Friday

No one really knows where this myth came from, but the idea that moving on a Friday is somehow better than any other day of the week simply isn’t true.

Although having the weekend to unpack might feel like a good thing, the opposite is often true. Those two days quickly vanish, whereas if you move earlier in the week and take the entire week off work, you’ll have far more time to get stuff done.

In truth, there isn’t any day of the week that’s ‘better’ to move – it’s all about planning in advance, and making sure you clear enough time in your diary to unpack and settle in following the physical process of moving.

moving house

Start packing weeks ahead

This one really comes down to personal preference, but there’s no golden rule about when you should start packing.

It can cause some problems, too. For instance, if you start packing weeks in advance and suddenly discover you need something that is now boxes deep, you may as well not have bothered.

Pack closer to the moving date – it might feel like more work, but it means you can live a relatively normal life up until that point. The looming deadline will also motivate you to get the job done more quickly.

Wait before you register for council tax

Please don’t do this!

If anyone says you can wait to sign up for council tax in your new home to avoid payments, they are 100% incorrect.

Delaying paying your council tax will only result in a larger bill further down the line, so make sure you register immediately when you move.

You don’t need a survey

If you’re buying a brand new home, a survey may well be sidestepped, but if you’re buying any home that has already been lived in, it’s money very well spent indeed.

Surveys are particularly important when buying very old properties. How do you know that it’s in good shape without the eyes of an expert? It may look fine from the outside, but how can you know that the roof isn’t about to collapse?

Getting a survey done will also help you to secure your mortgage, so be sure to keep money aside for this – no matter what people tell you.

Wrapping up

We hope we’ve been able to dispel a few common house moving myths. After all, moving home should be one of the most exciting periods of your life!