We’ve partnered with Iconic Development Group Ltd, the exclusive provider of full turnkey Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) homes in Southeast England.

Founded in 2018 by our very own self-builders, Dheeraj Malik and Sanjeev Basra, the pair are now helping others to create the home they’ve always dreamed of. From financial planning and expert advice to property construction, Iconic Development Group offers a unique ‘one-stop shop’ service for Graven Hill’s self-builders.

Who is Iconic Development Group?

Iconic Development Group’s tailored service provides high quality homes at prices to suit a range of budgets.

Inspired by Dheeraj and Sanjeev’s ICF-based homes, Iconic Development Group specialises in this modern construction method. Consisting of interlocking polystyrene blocks that form a house shaped mould into which concrete is poured to form the wall structure, this technique provides an energy efficient and durable home at a fraction of the speed of a traditional build.

Decades of combined knowledge and skills, as well as first-hand self-building experience, means the company boasts a number of established partner relationships and supply chains.

Dheeraj Malik, co-founder of Iconic Development Group Ltd said: “Our initiative was born out of a desire to help others, based on our personal experiences of self-building at Graven Hill. Through our partnership with GHVDC, our experience, skills, and knowledge allow us to provide fixed price design and build services, which help self and custom builders achieve their dream homes.”

How is Iconic Development Group involved at Graven Hill?

Currently, Iconic Development Group has six ongoing projects at Graven Hill. However, in the next couple of years, it aims to complete over 20 homes on site.

Not only does the company help those on their self-build journey, it also works alongside developers like us which are adopting ICF as their preferred construction method.

Dheeraj Malik said: “We foresee a greater demand for bespoke properties in the next decade, especially in towns like Bicester. Not only can people have easy access to major cities like London, Oxford, and Birmingham, but they can also hand-pick elements for their dream home without paying hefty city prices.”

A comment from Gemma Davis, our customer experience director:

“Over the past 18-months, we’ve seen people rushing to adapt their living space to home working. Realising that this ‘new normal’ is here to stay, many now feel these temporary solutions aren’t suited to post-pandemic life.

“Working with suppliers like Iconic is so refreshing; they share our belief that everything in your home should be designed and optimised based exactly on how the individual or family like to live. Our partnership allows us to ensure each self and custom build project is tailored to an individual’s lifestyle, environmental objectives and budget.”

We currently have two homes from the Iconic Development Group available to reserve today: The Ashbury and The Hethe.

If you’d like to find out more about our self and custom build options, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team.