Buying a new build home is a great way to get a move-in ready property that is energy efficient and has all the latest features. You can also put your own personal stamp on the home and you won’t have to worry about wear and tear or hidden repairs.

Whatever your taste, if you’re looking for a modern, convenient, and energy-efficient property, a custom new build home is a great option. Let’s take a look at this in more detail at the benefits to buying a new build home.

New Build Homes Are Just That – Brand New

Buying a new build is like buying a brand-new car, no mileage or wear and tear to worry about. You are the very first people to enjoy the look, feel and lifestyle your new home has to offer. Another key benefit of buying a new build home that’s linked to this is builder’s warranty. This protects you so that even after your initial snag list has been ticked off, you still have the peace of mind that the early years in your new home are also covered.

It’s Easy to Inject Your Own Personality into a New Build Home

With a new build home, putting your personal stamp on the exterior can be as important as the interior. You don’t have to worry about taking up that 1980s crazy paving patio if it’s not to your taste. A new build or custom build will be a blank outdoor canvas that usually includes only turf and paving, allowing you to make it your own.

Make Use of New Build Government Schemes

In any housing market there is always the risk of sales falling through and the chain collapsing through no fault of your own, but if you have a property to sell then many house builders, including Graven Hill, offer part-exchange schemes. You have the huge advantage of knowing your next home is just one transaction away and not at the mercy of other completions.

New Build Houses Don’t Have Any Hidden Repairs

You will have undoubtedly agreed an upfront price for your new home so any changes in terms of materials, manpower, or unforeseen construction complications will not be laid at your door. However, always read the small print of your contracts and take legal advice from an expert before signing on the dotted line. There will be no unexpected and unwelcome repairs to surface later, which is never guaranteed when you buy an older, pre-lived-in home.

Save Money on Estate Agent Fees

Any house purchase will need to have extra costs budgeted in, so expect to put a four-figure sum aside for legals, insurance and moving in fees. On the plus side, if you did agree a part exchange on your new build then you are probably saving hundreds if not thousands of pounds in estate agent’s fees.

Buying a New Build Home With Graven Hill

Graven Hill village has been providing new and custom build homes – alongside its self-build pioneers – for more than five years and the community is thriving. More amenities are opening as the village expands including a new primary school, nursery, dental practice and, most recently, a wine shop with a cocktail bar!

The Graven Hill custom build new home option offers the best of both worlds for buyers who want a move-in ready home, with the option to choose their layout and finishes without the headache that come with a complete self-build project. Like all homes at Graven Hill, they are incredibly energy efficient, still so important in today’s market of high energy prices.

As we mentioned earlier, Graven Hill offers an attractive part exchange package to would-be buyers and a beautiful range of 2,3,4, and 5 bedroom homes to choose from in idyllic locations.

So if you are looking for a quick checklist of the benefits of buying a new build home with Graven Hill, it’s pretty long:

  • Putting a personal stamp on your new home
  • Convenience of being move-in ready
  • Energy efficient
  • Lower maintenance costs than on older properties
  • Enjoy peace of mind with a new home warranty
  • Modern floor plans and designs are perfect for today’s lifestyles
  • A home designed around you
  • A growing community with great amenities
  • Open spaces and play areas perfect for families
  • Easily commutable to Oxford and further afield with rail links to London

To find out more about Graven Hill’s custom new build homes, contact a member of our team today.