The role and an architect in your self-build journey: choice and design

lapd Architect’s Opinder Liddar talks about the role of an architect in your self-build journey, and how they can make sure you actually have control of the choices that self-build offers.

An architect has two main functions in a self-build project. First and foremost, they work to take the dream of the self-builder and create an innovative design that exceeds expectations. You need a vision that is worth building. The one thing that should never be compromised is design. Secondly, an architect should facilitate the decision making process. We give you the time and space you need to make the right call.

lapd Architects - Architect role in self-build blog post

Self-build is all about the choices you make. But, as with any choice, if you are ill-informed or put under pressure, you may well make the wrong decision. Graven Hill affords self-builders the ability to make the choices which matter most to them in confidence. Graven Hill alleviates some of the red tape and difficulties usually associated with a standalone plot. Increasing your confidence in your ability to make important decisions is also the role of a qualified architect. We help you to realise your dream self-build home by working to keep you in control.

At lapd Architects, we believe that no professional puts the choice in your hands as completely as a qualified architect. We take the time to understand you and the reason why you are self-building. That’s why we are passionate about helping self-builders realise their dream within the real-life constraints of budgets, time scales and planning/technical processes. We are already helping several Graven Hill self-builders towards their completed home, designed around their lives.

lapd Architects - Architect role in self-build blog post

Putting the choice in your hands

The choice afforded you you in design is why you began self-building in the first place. Working with a qualified architect at the beginning of this process is important because design should be about you and no one else. At lapd Architects the first thing we do is meet our potential clients face-to-face and listen to them. We are affordable architects that provide designs that work around your life, but that are also realistic. We make sure your home will work within your budget and within Graven Hill timelines and processes.

Choices that are made after the concept design stage are just as important. Not all decisions have to be made from the outset, and we help our clients to consider at what point along the process important decisions should be made. We remain your central point of contact throughout the whole process, offering flexibility in build method and ensuring that nothing gets lost in translation with our on-site services.

I would say a good place to start if you are embarking on a self-build journey is to meet with an architect face-to-face. At lapd Architects, we offer a free initial consultation, or you can meet us at one of the shows we are attending, such as the Graven Hill November Showcase. Decide for yourself if we understand your dream and if you can trust us to guide you through the self-build process.

Opinder Liddar is a director of lapd Architects, with offices in Henley, Summertown and Abingdon. To book your free initial consultation call 01865 407 722 or email [email protected].

lapd Architects - Architect role in self-build blog post

About lapd Architects

lapd Architects - Trade Directory LogoWe are lapd Architects. We are an ARB-registered architecture firm based in Oxfordshire that was established in 2005. We are a diverse team of fifteen from all over the globe. From the beginning, we knew we wanted to invest in a company ethos that championed clear communication, uncompromising honesty and innovative design.

We are working with several Graven Hill self-builders to help them realise their dream home by offering affordable design solutions that work around their lives. We give you the choice and flexibility that any custom build project should offer. We do this by putting design front and centre whilst guiding you through the whole journey. We keep you informed every step of the way in order to keep you in control.

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