nHouse has announced that it is offering its new range of contemporary homes at a price only available to Graven Hill plot purchasers

nHouse offer spacious, eco-friendly and high-quality ‘grand designs’ style homes from £118,000

Designed by international award-winning architect Richard Hywel Evans for people who want high-quality, modern living. From two-bedroom bungalows to six-bedroom houses – and everything in-between – the range includes homes to suit all lifestyles and personal tastes.

nHouse - House Design - Supplier Spotlight

Purchasers can also choose from a catalogue of options to create a home which is truly personal. For the eco-conscious there is even an ‘eco-pack’ option that includes solar panels, a house battery and car charging point.

nHouse - House Design - Supplier Spotlight

Here at Graven Hill, we want your dream home to be as achievable as possible and our suppliers do too! nHouse homes are built using off-site modular construction techniques, meaning they can be ordered and delivered in as little as 10 weeks! Once your packaged-up home arrives, we will do our part to ensure installation on site happens quickly and efficiently – leave it to us!

To get hold of a copy of the exclusive Graven Hill price list get in touch with Daniel Everett on [email protected] or phone 0844 811 7570.

Why not visit the nHouse showhouse too, and don’t forget to visit: www.the-nhouse.com