As seen at Graven Hill on Grand Designs: The Street, Boutique Modern is a full-service modular building company.

Logo - Boutique Modern
Offering in-house design, manufacture and installation, specialist consultation and certification which, when combined, result in a turn-key solution for any modular build project.

Boutique Modern provide end to end control over projects, benefiting our clients in terms of both convenience and cost.

Whether you have existing drawings or just an outline vision for your project at Graven Hill, Boutique Modern have the expertise to bring your building to life. Their designers are on-hand to work with you to develop your plans into a ‘buildable’ design. Their build system is easily adapted and available in a range of finishes to suit your exact specifications.

Each project is unique but with a broad portfolio of completed buildings spanning over 10 years, designed to suit each individual project’s requirements perfectly, Boutique Modern’s diverse portfolio has provided them with a wealth of experience to apply to any new project from houses, shared occupancy, flats and everything in-between.

Boutique Modern - Example Home

Their hybrid build system allows infinite scope for design while maintaining an extremely high level of performance. They are constantly innovating to ensure all our products continue to achieve the highest standards, whatever their application.

Boutique Modern - Example Internal

It all starts with your idea. Design your building to suit your exact requirement for spaces, aesthetic and budget. Boutique Modern can then provide design input or work with your chosen architect to ensure your project maximises value for money.

Once your ideas are compiled into a final design, a component specification is produced which generates the final contract building and price. Boutique Modern ensure all designs are compliant and certified, and compile construction drawings for programming and manufacture.

In their Brighton factory, your building is fabricated to your exact specification. Rigorous quality control checks ensure every building they produce is to the highest standards of finish and by building in the factory the maximum level of efficiency and accuracy is achieved.

Transport and delivery is coordinated, and Boutique Modern’s siting teams install your building on-site. They aim to complete connection and weatherproofing in just one day, with construction usually taking between 8-10 working days – as seen on Grand Designs: The Street.