What is the difference between Self-Build and Custom Build?

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Building your own home in the UK

Graven Hill is the UK’s largest self and custom build development . We are leading the way making building your own home accessible to everyone. In fact, less than 10% of new homes in the UK are bespoke to their owners — compared to 67-83% in the rest of Europe. This could be due to lack of suitable land sites, misunderstanding about what’s involved or concerns about budget.

We provide the land with services up to the plot boundary, as well as a designated Development Liaison Manager to guide you through the process. Our brand new Mix & Match Self-Build product also takes the worries about budget out of the equation, providing upfront costs for your land, foundation and house build.

With increased dissatisfaction in modern new homes, building your own home to your specification seems like a logical step forward. And, with more than 30,000 individuals signed up to Right to Build registers, demand is certainly there. Created in 2016, it is now a legal obligation for local council housing and planning teams to help facilitate more self-build projects and identify and supply new suitable sites.

Download a full case study on Self and Custom Build options

Self-Build vs Custom Build - Case Study

What is Self-Build?

Traditionally, this option involves organising your build completely independently. From securing finance and finding a plot, to hiring an architect and applying for planning permission. The costs soon rack up which can be what puts many potential self-builders off.

Simplifying this process, at Graven Hill, you’re financially qualified by BuildStore prior to your plot reservation. Once your plot is reserved you are then passed on to a Development Liaison Manager who will be your main point of contact up until you complete on the foundations. With the Plot Passport as your guide, you could be approved for planning in as little as 28 days. After planning, exchange and completion, you will then have up to two years to complete on your build. With the need to be at site, meeting your suppliers and coordinating any subcontractors, the pure self-build route can require a lot of time and flexibility.

What is Custom Build?

Custom Build also provides a bespoke home but takes a more hands-ff approach. You choose the layout along with internal and external finishes, and your build could be completed in as little as 8 weeks. There is much less involvement in terms of arranging work on site, more guidance from the supplier and the home is still built to your specifications.

Our Tailored Finish homes take this route and allow you to choose your layout and internal finishes. Offering you have all the convenience of a traditional new build, with the creativity of a bespoke-finish home,

Why not use our ‘Help Me Decide’ tool to work out which option at Graven Hill works best for you.

There are over 30 custom build suppliers working in the UK, many of them already working with our Purchasers at Graven Hill. Check out our Trade Directory to find the right supplier for you or take a look at our Mix & Match plots, offering you pre-approved design options from some of the best suppliers in the industry. You can also get in touch with our Sales team and they can point you in the right direction.

Download a full case study on Self-Build vs Custom Build from House Move Pro, My Home Extension and Local Surveyors Direct and get a better understanding of the differences between these two building options and how they can help you realise building your dream home.