The phrase “Location Location Location” was already famous before Kirsty and Phil took up the mantra for their popular Channel 4 househunting series. Still, even 23 years and almost 400 episodes later, the phrase is more relevant now than ever.

Location has got to be up there in terms of what’s the most important thing to look out for when buying a home. Location can help decide the overall price of your property, and how close it is to work, family and friends. If you have children then how close are you to good schools, or grandparents for babysitting, and even airports for summer holidays?

You can’t over-emphasise the importance of location when dealing with property – any property – and to save you a little time, here’s a handy Top Ten checklist of what to look out for when it comes to “Location Location Location”.

Relocating Guide

  1. When moving to a new location, have you considered the costs – both financial and emotional?  If you are moving away from family, have you budgeted for extra travel costs for visiting? You might even be losing a beloved babysitter/childminder to boot
  2. Starting somewhere new can be exciting but you also have to think about the practical side of the move – registering with doctors and dentists is just for starters. This all takes time and should be thought out well in advance. Graven Hill is fortunate to already have a state-of-the-art dental practice on site and is within minutes of medical facilities in Bicester
  3. House prices, of course, vary massively from region to region – even village to village – depending on postcodes, schools and amenities. Always check out other for sale or sold prices in the areas you want to relocate to
  4. What about other amenities in the area? Graven Hill boasts a popular cocktail bar and wine shop, with a cosy coffee shop set to open imminently. So, if you are someone who likes to pop out for a quick coffee and meet up with friends then you’re already in luck. Local community centres that offer parent & toddler groups or are home to local sports, well-being or hobby groups are also a real bonus if there’s one nearby, and Graven Hill also has a brand new facility in the pipeline
  5. Consider the cost of longer or shorter commutes if you move – are you saving time and money, or looking to get another mortgage to pay for the extra petrol you will need?
  6. Good public transport links can make or break an area. Even if you like to travel by car it’s great to have the option of hopping on a bus or train, particularly if you have teenage children. Graven Hill residents already enjoy regular bus routes through the community as well as being within walking distance to Bicester rail links that go on to Oxford and London
  7. Every March you will see and read the stories about school intakes and how so many children don’t get into the school of their choice. Graven Hill recently saw the opening of a purpose-built, two-form entry, primary school on the scheme so there’s plenty of capacity for the community as it grows. Even if you don’t have kids now it’s worth checking out the local primary and secondary school Ofsted ratings to try and future-proof your property in the education department. If your kids are grown up or just not part of life’s plan then your location horizons can be that little bit broader
  8. Your home is your castle but what’s beyond the front door is also important. Check out what open and green spaces are on your doorstep, particularly if you have pets. Green space and access to it is hugely important to buyers these days and is often linked to both physical and mental well-being. Graven Hill has beautiful open green spaces, woodland walks and maintained play areas that are all enjoyed by residents, all year round. Green is good!
  9. No one likes to think about it but it’s prudent to think about the crime rates of the area you are moving into. Is your home security proofed and does the area have a local Neighbourhood Watch and a police community officer? Crime rates can also have a huge bearing on your household and car insurance premiums
  10. Moving costs should be taken into account in the bigger scheme of things. Hiring removal specialists can be expensive but many people think they are worth every penny. If you are relocating from Perth to Penzance then you really have no choice but to enlist the experts. It’s best to do this as early as possible as busy moving dates such as Easter can get booked up quickly

Move to Graven Hill – We Make it Easy

If you are looking for a perfect location in Oxfordshire that ticks many of the boxes we have just covered then find out why this award-winning development could be the “location location location” for you. For more information on any of our plots, call 01869 390 009, or complete our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.