The key to accessible individuality: Custom Build New Homes 

Building your own home is a dream that many aspire to fulfil, but the time and commitment needed to do so can be overwhelming. The desire for a home that suits your every need becomes buried under thoughts of planning permissions, money and lengthy processes. However, at Graven Hill in Bicester, we provide the option to custom build your dream home. This is a happy half-way that has the individuality of a self-build combined with the ease and freshness of a new build.

You can design your perfect home with the unique touches you’ve always wanted, but without the need to build from the foundations up.

Plot 228 notional design a home at Graven Hill


There are two meanings to the word accessible when it comes to houses, physically accessible and financially accessible. A Custom Build New Home allows both to be achievable.

Designing the interior of a house gives you the freedom to choose a design that suits your lifestyle. In addition, for those with disabilities or those who wish to future proof their home there is the opportunity to fit wider door frames, lower light switches, and put in downstairs bathrooms or washrooms. Rather than searching for a house that may only suit some of your needs, custom building your new home allows all requirements to be met and ensures future comfort.

As well as providing the reassurance of physical accessibility, Graven Hill’s Custom Build New Homes are financially accessible to many too. The Help to Buy scheme can be used when purchasing a home, so even those looking for their first property don’t have to compromise. As well as this, the location of the village allows those who work in London to live somewhere affordable while still being within a commutable distance.

Even with this level of flexibility and choice, no planning permission is required for our Custom Build New Homes meaning you can move in even sooner.

Plot 228 - Kitchen


To have a self or custom build new house, an isolated plot is not necessary. Graven Hill allows residents to live in a unique yet inclusive community. Every house is different, as are the people within the community, but each is connected by the desire to have a home that ticks every box. If you’re looking for a low energy home option or special access needs, you can live in a vibrant location with all the necessary amenities.

Get in touch today to find out more about our Self-Build and Custom Build New Home options.