With the ability to choose from a range of options – from one and two bedroom coach houses, to two, three and four bedroom family homes – purchasers have the flexibility to bespoke their new home to suit their lifestyle and requirements.

Unlike homes on sale within the traditional market place, the interior layout and design of a Tailored Finish property is left for buyers to determine. The range is perfect for people who want to have greater control over the interior layout and finish of their house but want the certainty that the construction work has been undertaken on their behalf.

In August 2016 the first Golden Brick plots were revealed for national sale and since then almost 50 plots have been released. To date, the plots that have been available are more traditional self-build ones giving customers the freedom to create all aspects of their dream home, including the interior and exterior, within the specifications of the design code.

The vision for Graven Hill however has always been to make this an inclusive community that meets the needs and budgets of all self and custom-build visionaries.

Karen Curtin, Managing Director said: “Buyers will be able to choose from three internal layouts and specifications to customise their home, giving them the freedom to decide the size of each room, whether it is located to the front or the rear and what type of finishes their prefer.

“Not only does this provide purchasers with the comfort of knowing that the below ground and build works have been expertly managed, but it also provides them greater flexibility to create a home that is tailored to their needs.”

There are a wide variety of choices for the finishes on the Tailored Finish properties – these can now be viewed the new Graven Hill Plot Shop in Pioneer Square, Bicester