The phones have been red-hot this week, so what is causing all this excitement?  On Saturday, c. 100 people donned their high-vis jackets to look around the Graven Hill Tailored Finish new build.  The excitement was palpable as potential purchasers were able to look inside the homes which could soon be theirs.  Comments such a “great room sizes”, “look at the high ceilings” and “stunning landscape” were repeated time and time again.

The advantages of Passivhaus homes were explained by Ron Beattie of Beattie Passive.  The amazing quality and value for money became apparent as guests heard about health benefits, soundproofing qualities and long-term savings to be had on energy bills. There were murmurs of excitement at the mention of no more steamy bathrooms, and rooms at a constant temperature with no draughts!

With financial advisers and solicitors available to answer questions straight away, the Plot Shop truly became a ‘one-stop-shop’ for the day.  For those who weren’t able to join us, our Sales Team are happy to answer your questions – call us on 01869 396 070 or come and see us in Pioneer Square, Bicester.