Three-bedroom homes have long been the most desirable for downsizers, young couples, and families searching for a new property. Providing enough space to grow, without feeling unmanageable, these homes always prove popular on the property market.

The facts

Our figures recently revealed that 34% of our new build purchasers chose three-bedroom new homes, supporting the fact that it’s a firm favourite with buyers. However, two-bedrooms were a close second, suggesting they still carry out an important function in the market.

In fact, research from Rightmove shows that both two and three-bedroom semi-detached homes are being snapped up by purchasers, with 30% marked as sold within a week of listing.

Versatile house design

As well as providing a place for homeowners and guests to sleep, three-bedroom homes also offer the opportunity to create a room dedicated to the owner’s needs. For example, with homeworking now the norm for many people, office space has become hugely desirable. It could even be transformed into a hobby room, for those that have picked up a new interest in the last year.

Although often slightly smaller, this third room still captures buyers’ imaginations.

Future challenges

Flexibility must become a priority for developers. No matter the house layout, all new homes should be designed with versality in mind, catering to people’s changing needs. As demand increases, and availability of land decreases, the property industry must find ways to build good sized homes more efficiently.

Three may still be the magic number, but a home is greater than the sum of its rooms. Modern houses require flexibility to be built into the foundations, with owners able to adapt their home to suit them.

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