Ready to get onto the property ladder?

Times have changed, and the recent pandemic has shifted our priorities when looking for a new home. Bigger, better, and greener housing is on the rise and those wanting to take the first step on the property ladder are looking outside city centres more and more.

Often with more space and a more affordable asking price, you may be considering the idea of suburbs and the countryside for a potential new home. Thanks to the rise of remote working, these locations are now a real possibility for many, making it easier to break the rental cycle.

Taking the first step

There are many things that set countryside retreats apart from city pads, one of them being the price. Take a London home, where the average rent is at £1,646 per month; not only is it smaller and further from green spaces but the rent can end up being more expensive than most mortgages.

When it comes to the deposit, which some may fear more than the actual mortgage repayments, the Government’s Help to Buy scheme is a great option, enabling first-time buyers to put down a minimum five percent deposit and the government will provide an equity loan of up to 20 percent of the property value.

The benefits of living rural

Suburbs and areas a little further out of the city centre often have the edge when it comes to space. Homes in garden towns, such as Bicester, tend to offer increased space and easier access to nature, promoting wellbeing. As for accessibility to major hubs, with a growing network of road and rail, remote areas are increasingly connected, making this concern something of the past.

Graven Hill shopping - Bicester Village

The perks of ownership

There are plenty of advantages to owning over renting. If you really want to make your house a home, buying is the clear winner. Our range of Custom Build New homes at Graven Hill cover a wide spectrum of personalisation options, including décor, fixtures and fittings; some designs even come with multiple layout options if you reserve early enough in the build process.

The pandemic has changed what we want from our homes. Enjoying the great outdoors and having enough space to not feel encased is now more important than ever. With homes offering far more, as well as being surrounded by nature, looking a little further out of town or city centres may be your best route into the housing market.

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