It’s been a little over a week since we held our ‘Self-Build Made Simple’ information event at Bicester Technology Studio and since then, we’ve had some great feedback.

“Everything, it was informative, insightful and inspiring. We had lots of questions answered and came away feeling excited about not just the Graven Hill project but what could come of this if more councils started projects like this.

We found Charlie Luxton’s talk great and it was fantastic to hear his enthusiasm and praise of the project. The people we spoke to during the workshop were honest and frank about challenges faced and that they were still learning and tweaking processes and it was refreshing to have such honesty, it wasn’t just a sales pitch it was an invitation to join a journey.

As a young couple my partner and I never thought we would be able to build ourselves but Graven Hill might just make our dreams possible. For this thank you and we look forward to seeing what comes from this.”

An attendee from South West London

As well as seeing some familiar faces, we were pleased to see a number of new prospective customers from all over who were interested in finding out more about the opportunities available at Graven Hill.

Educating everyone about the possibilities and availability of self-build is at the heart of what we do at Graven Hill and we are always pleased to hear when those experiences have been positive. Fingers crossed that our next event in May will allow us to continue to exceed expectations!